Chan Ky-Yut's Poetry as Artist Books

Chan Ky-Yut's Poetry as Artist Books


Ce qui est beau

The Kind and the Unkind

L'humain et l'inhumain

Amarrés dans les flots

Catching the Moon


La lune de mon village

Les mains vides, l'eau coule

Maotai or Whiskey? Which Intoxicant Do You Choose?

Mon expérience de peindre

Mon nom est le vent

Poèmes et aquarelles

The Fisherman

The Jungle Way

The Light of Colour

The Spring

Truth Finds Itself

Empty Handed Water Flows

Tyhjin Käsin Vesi Virtaa (a Finnish translation of Empty Handed Water Flows)

West Wind

La jungle

On My Painting Experience


From Bordeaux to Midnight

In Memory of Ephemerae

Red Seals